1. Ordering

For Registered Users

If you are a returning customer and have an account, please sign in using your email address and password and you will be taken directly to the first ‘Checkout’ tab.

How To Make A Purchase

Shopping on the www.CryptoLuxuryBoutique.com Online Store is easy: if you know what you are looking for, use the specific category links, such as ‘Clothing’, ‘Shoes’, ‘Accessories’, or the ‘Gift’ section on the site. Once you have found an item, select your size and color, and use the ‘ADD TO SHOPPING BAG’ button underneath. Review the items in your shopping bag by selecting the ‘Shopping Bag’ link at the top of the page. From the Shopping Bag you can directly edit product details (color, sizes, and quantities), remove them in case you’ve changed your mind, or add products to your Wish List. Click on ‘Checkout’ to complete your order.

How To Make A Pre-Order

You can pre-order a selection of items before they are available. All items of this type can be identified by the PRE-ORDER label visible on the product page. You can buy and receive them at your preferred address as soon as you proceed with the shipment process. If your order is mixed, for example, it includes items already available and those for pre-order, it can be processed in other ways to guarantee a faster delivery.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as we send your package.

How To buy and use a gift card

Buying a Gift Card
If you wish to purchase a digital Gift Card, complete the Online form entering the information of the recipient and the amount you wish to gift, and click on “Add to bag”. As soon as your order is placed, the recipient will receive a confirmation email containing the Gift Card Code to use on www.CryptoLuxuryBoutique.com. You will also receive a confirmation email and order summary to your email address.
We remind you that no discount or promotion can be applied when purchasing a digital Gift Card.

Using a Gift Card
If you’ve received a Gift Card, you can use it to purchase any available item on www.CryptoLuxuryBoutique.com, by entering the Gift Card Code at checkout, in the dedicated section. We remind you that you cannot use a digital Gift Card to purchase another digital Gift Card

The digital Gift Card can only be used for purchases in the same currency and in the same country in which it was purchased.

If the total of your order is less than the amount of the digital Gift Card, the remaining sum can be used for other purchases, using the same Gift Card code. If the total of your order is greater than the amount of the Gift Card, you can use an additional method to complete the payment, choosing it from those available in the selected shipping country.


In the case of a return for one or more items purchased using a digital Gift Card, the refund will be paid through a new digital Gift Card and through the alternative payment method used – if present. To proceed with the creation of the RAN, please contact our Customer Service.

For any other legal information, see the Conditions of Sale

Billing and Shipping

Enter your billing information. If you are a returning customer, your billing address will automatically appear on the Billing and Shipping page. If the shipping address is different than the billing address, enter the address where you would like your order shipped.

Shipping Options

From the options provided, select from the shipping methods that are available for the item(s) that you wish to purchase.

Payment Information

At this point, you must very that your address information is correct, review your order, Select your Altcoin payment method and click ‘Continue Checkout’. For more information on payment.

Purchase Summary

After you have completed the billing details, you will find a summary of the items you are purchasing and the order total under “Order Summary”. Click on ‘Submit Order’ to complete the checkout.

Order Confirmation

Once the checkout has been completed, and your order full payment made and confirmed (you need minim 1 signature on blockchain for your payment) on the ‘Your Order Confirmation’ page you will find all the details regarding your order, including billing and shipping address, shipping and payment method selected, a summary of your order and the total amount. You will receive an order confirmation email which will include an order number that you can use to track your order in ‘My Account’. Once your items have been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with details of which item(s) have been sent. Please note that if you order more than one item, it is possible that different items arrive on different days depending on stock availability.

Sizing Information

Please refer to the fit details in the product description and the Size Guide on the product pages to help you choose the best size.


2. Changing or Cancelling an Order

Each order is processed automatically and once it has been confirmed, it is not possible to modify the details or cancel it. To purchase additional items, you must place a new order. To return any items please visit our Returns and Refunds section.


3. Valid Payment Methods

The payment of your order can be made with Cryptocurrency Only.