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We deliver to 101 countries around the world and offer different shipping options to meet your needs.

In order to ensure you a hassle-free shopping experience, for selected countries, we are now including the customs duties in the final prices without any price change. No more unexpected charges upon delivery, only delight, and ease at your doorstep!

During the sales period, deliveries may take 2 or 3 business days longer than usual.

1. Shipping Methods and Costs

Shipping rates vary based upon shipment type, destination (please see table below) and your rate will be automatically calculated at checkout.

Estimated delivery times are to be used only as a reference and will commence from the shipping date; we are not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes.

Here are the shipping options offered.


Next Day Delivery
United States Of America $ 55.00 1 Working Day
Europe $ 55.00 1 Working Day
ASIA $ 55.00 1 Working Day
Canada $ 55.00 1 Working Day
Express Delivery
Norway $ 26.00 1-3 Working Days
USA $ 26.00 2 Working Days
Italy $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
United Kingdom $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
France $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Austria, Germany $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Estonia, Belgium, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Greece, Sweden, Denmark $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Switzerland $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Liechtenstein $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Ireland, Portugal, Finland $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Slovakia, Cyprus $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
Canada $ 26.00 2-3 Working Days
United Arab Emirates $ 26.00 2-4 Working Days
Monaco $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Turkey, Ukraine $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Serbia $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Oman $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Bahrain $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Vietnam, Peru $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Singapore $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Australia $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Indonesia $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Israel $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Cambodia $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
China $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Japan $ 26.00 3-4 Working Days
Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Venezuela $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Georgia $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
India $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Thailand $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Taiwan, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Kuwait, Kazakhstan $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
New Zealand, Philippines, Cook Islands, New Caledonia $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Lebanon, Jordan, Armenia, Cape Verde, Algeria, Kenya, Laos, Morocco, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Tunisia $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Macau $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Hong Kong $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Mongolia $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Mexico $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
South Korea $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
San Marino $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Andorra $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Gibraltar $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Paraguay $ 26.00 4-5 Working Days
Russia $ 26.00 2-7 Working Days
Standard Delivery FREE SHIPPING
Italy FREE 6-10 Working Days
United Kingdom FREE 6-10 Working Days
Spain, France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg FREE 6-10 Working Days
Germany FREE 6-10 Working Days
USA FREE 6-10 Working Days
Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Ireland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic FREE 6-10 Working Days
Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal FREE 6-10 Working Days
Greece FREE 6-10 Working Days
Sweden FREE 6-10 Working Days
Estonia, Finland FREE 6-10 Working Days
Liechtenstein FREE 6-10 Working Days

Expedited shipping is also available for some countries, a sustainable option that allows low environmental impact deliveries:

2. Free Shipping

We run free shipping promotions. Please note that free shipping promotions will be applied to your order at checkout.

In the event that you need to return an item that you bought during a free shipping promotion, we will not refund the outbound shipping costs (since this was free).


3. Tracking your Order

You can check the current status of your shipment by signing into your account and visiting the ‘Orders’ section.

4. Taxes and Duties

To ensure that the most accurate pricing and delivery costs are displayed while browsing our site, we recommend that you select your country from the list of shipping destinations.

Most countries are shipped to on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, which means that all relevant import taxes and duties will be included in the product price.


**According to the announcement of the general administration of customs of China, articles shipped to China that are classified as personal use and the value exceeds 1000 RMB, require a formal customs clearance. You may be charged extra duties or fees.

***According to the announcement of the general administration of customs of Mexico, articles shipped to Mexico which is classified as personal use and the value exceeds 30000 USD (or its equivalent in MEX$), require a formal customs clearance. The importer must be registered with the Mexican government and additional documentation is required (NOM LETTER, PAYMENT, LICENSE IMPORT, PATENT). Therefore, the DDP service is not applicable and it is necessary to hire an external customs broker to clear your goods.


Please note that the Russian Federation is a DDU destination. You can find information about Russian Federation custom duties on the Russian Federal Customs Service official website by clicking here.